KhNMU joined the vaccination in the city and region

KhNMU joined the vaccination in the city and region

On July 12, Maksym Khaustov, Director of the HODA Health Department, and Yuriy Rezunenko, Vice-Rector for Research and Teaching, visited the Vaccination Center, located at the Institute of Occupational Health and Occupational Diseases of the KhNMU (6 Trinkler Street).

Thus, Maxim Khaustov, answering questions from the media, said that the Department of Health of HODA together with the Medical University opened the Vaccination Center on July 10, and since then it has been working hard. "Our residents come here of their own free will or apply to entire organizations, and we vaccinate them. It is this Center that is modern, conveniently located and able to receive informational assistance from student volunteers of the Student Self-Government of KhNMU ", - said the head of the Department.

For his part, Yuri Rezunenko noted the active cooperation of KhNMU with the Departments of Health of KHOD and Kharkiv City Council. In particular, the vice-rector stressed that today about 60 student volunteers have joined the vaccination of the population of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region. To this end, the university has opened a temporary training center, where for 3 months more than 120-130 students and interns will be trained and will be involved in the work of vaccination centers, as well as in mobile teams.

Separately, the great work done by Kharkiv National Medical University to train volunteers was noted. After all, volunteer helpers are senior students who have studied internal medicine, infectious diseases, epidemiology, and medical psychology. They know what to tell, how to convey information, have knowledge of vaccines and vaccinations, and also report the location of vaccination points. In addition, volunteers will distribute information booklets with a QR-code on the website of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, where you can find all the necessary information about vaccination and vaccination, stages of vaccination, will also provide a QR-code with an interactive map of Kharkov. with up-to-date information about their work.


A total of 5 Vaccination Centers have been opened in the city, and 768 people have been vaccinated at the Centers over the weekend.

To date, a total of 206 # nbsp; 931 people have been vaccinated, of whom the first dose - 138 # nbsp; 389, and the second - 48 # nbsp; 176.

There will be 2 Centers in the city every day: on the street. Cooperative, 28 A and street Trinkler, 6 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.