Clinical work.
General information.
Doctors of the department and basic clinics
Doctors of the department and basic clinics - pupils of Kharkiv pediatric school as a single team solve complex medical-diagnostic and scientific problems at the highest level. Clinical bases and their equipment allow to carry out medical and consultative process at the modern level.

Employees of the department supervised 5 districts of Kharkiv region, where medical, methodical, sanitary-educational work was carried out, both with medical workers and with the population. The department is a base for the introduction of the latest technologies for diagnosis and treatment of children with various somatic pathologies in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region.

Employees of the department for 2015-2020 treated 9420 children and consulted 23,700 children. 635 implementations were submitted to the practical level of health care.
Employees of the department work as doctors in:
Kharkiv Regional Children's Clinical Hospital
Gonchar Margarita - pediatric cardiologist - department of intensive care and anesthesiology, all departments of the clinic as needed.
Senatorova Ganna - pediatric cardiologist
Chaichenko Tetyana - pediatric endocrinologist
Ishchenko Tetyana - pediatrician, all departments as a hematologist
Telnova Larysa - pediatric pulmonologist
Omelchenko Olena - pediatric gastroenterologist
Sanina Iryna - department of functional diagnostics
Onikienko Oleksandr - department of functional diagnostics
Olkhovsky Eugene - children's infectious diseases
Strelkova Maryna - reception department
KNP "Regional Clinical Hospital" of the Kharkiv Regional Council Regional Perinatal Center
Boychenko Alyona - pediatric cardiologist.
Matsievska Natalia - neonatologist
Ivanova Evgeniya - neonatologist
Regional specialized orphanage "Hippocrates"
Riga Olena - pediatrician, palliative care consultant.
Orlova Natalia - pediatrician
City Children's Polyclinic №2
Uryvaeva Marina - pediatrician, pediatric cardiorheumatologist
Buzhynska Nadiya - pediatrician, pediatric endocrinologist
Ishchenko Tetyana - pediatric hematologist
Regional Clinical Perinatal Center
Malich Tetyana - neonatologist, pediatrician
Teslenko Tetyana - neonatologist
Palliative care department - children's hospice on the basis of Kharkiv City children's clinic №5
Omelchenko Olena - pediatrician, pediatric gastroenterologist
Children's Medical Center "Planet of Pediatrics"
Logvinova Olga - pediatric immunologist